Early Diary
be careful how the small things grow
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the 90's.
Trieste 1998
Trieste 98 pics...they were added in
Lachi's site ...Lachi (Luca) and Mike are the first friends I met on line ... looking for someone able to see what I can see ... and the travel began ...
Trieste 98
Trieste 98
I attended this gig as emergency service doctor
Here are the members of the ambulance
Treviso 1995
SIMPLE MINDS 20 ottobre 1995 - Treviso -Palaverde

Jim by Bellatrix
Lignano 1991
Lignano 1991 - Ticket
The early years
Here comes a hurricane !!!
... listening to Simple Minds music was like a hurricane coming into my life ... it was something I '' felt'' and not only liked ... something that was already in my deep inside ... and this is something that is going to last forever ...
Rotterdam 1985
Alive in Rotterdam 1985
... this video is amazing ... watching it on TV I realized that Simple Minds would have been ... FOREVER in my heart ...
Don't U Forget About Me
... when U meet something important ... U don't know it but U recognize it as a part of your deep inside ... this happened long long time ago watching this video ...
by bellatrix* 2005