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Tour 2002
Montecarlo 2002
MONTECARLO 2002 Review - See U soon

well, what to add to the wonderful Stephanie review? Another big thank U to Eddy that is the one that made us go backstage.. thanks also to the blonde haired boy of the stuff that told Eddy that we were outside.Some things to add : Jim told me that he noticed my energy living the concert... and when I asked him : so did u recognize me ? he told me , yes , of course!

We reminded the rain in garda where he said ****** ( not so polite Italian words )about it... and I showed the white taormina T-shirt!!! He told me : oh yes , the very famous white shirts!!!

A member of the stuff told us that next year , the tour will be bigger, and they are growing up their technical stuff... wonderful night... unforgettable... my second backstage and the feeling that the band is nearer and nearer... from Taormina to the next chances to meet them... so that summer is gone and winter is in your eyes... .. the tour is over and we all have nice ... wonderful gifts in our heart... it has been an amazing period... we lived all together... about my personal tour :

London second gig: after 4 years here they are! alive and kicking! Milano:on the front line...up on the catwalk Frauenfeld: I met Eddy... the band is nearer and nearer: I caught a boy fall out of the sky... Taormina: book of brilliant things.. I met a lot of friends and YESSSSS my first pic with Jim NGD !!!!! Imperia: on the front line...a gig in the lights... see the lights.. and we met Charlie,Mel;Andy and Eddy....Eddy as usual so so so nice.. Jim signed the photo with me taken in Tao .Krk : a hard gig but I was there on the front line again! Garda: my first backstage...thanks again Eddy...Jim signed the ticket for bellatrix... again a lot of friends there!and the rain was falling...sparkle in the rain

Montecarlo : with Stephanie B... nice gig.. so different.. but we danced...just one thing with the band... and again ( thanks Eddy! ) the backstage... Mel, Andy, Eddy and Jim.. and the chance to say : it was nice to be on tour with you.... see you next year Jim, Charlie, Eddy, Andy and Mel... see you next year my wonderful friends... I'll never forget this marvellous summer....

thanks to all of you.. again.....and a big kiss to Jim-singing-fascination and one more CIAO to Eddy sparkling eyes...

OK, let's talk about Monaco, where I was with Bellatrix... (I don't know who else was there, so please, let us know and share your feelings too ...! )

First, the scenery...(with as many details as possible... because you worth it !!! lol) : I arrived from Monaco's station by taxi, and entering the Sporting Club I realized that it would be really... unique ! Beautiful garden, private road running into a illuminated fountain right in front of the main entrance. Eight or ten guys in red livery waiting to open the car's door and welcome you... A few steps, two doormen in blue livery, a big revolving door, red fitted carpet on floor, then a big marble hall... (Do you want me to describe the ladies'room ? LOL) I arrived at 21:00, that means one hour early. Cars were following cars and (very very well dressed) people were constantly arriving for the dinner, so I went into the garden to wait for Bellatrix. Unfortunately I'd forgotten her phone number at home, and my mobile battery was almost discharged. I saw three or four persons of the SM crew passing through the garden, and wondered where we could (maybe) see the band after the show. Around 22:00, I came into the "Salle des Etoiles"; 900 persons sitting around long tables, very high ceiling, large picture windows on the left, huge mirrors and dark velvet on walls, spotted by small lights; at my right (when I entered), the stage was occupied by a background music band... I've forgotten to say that all the names were listed so each person could be led to his/her table... Mine was n 174... How to find Bellatrix, I didn't even know her name... By chance, she had left me a message and her table was n...176 !!! Incredible ! You know what, "la vie est bien faite" (literally, life is well made, sorry if it's not a good translation). Then a waiter asked me which cocktail I wanted to order...

The concert not starting before 23:00, we had time to share our feelings and I also gave Bellatrix her Taormina Tshirt. We were afraid that the band wouldn't have much fun here, it seemed that people weren't here to see and support them but to show themselves, maybe except a few persons...

Then, the background music band left the stage, a screen came down, and suddendly the first notes of New Gold Dream resounded. The screen came up, "our" guys were already on stage and... surprise !!! the stage moved forward (SOOO STRANGE FEELING!) so there was not only a front but two sides as well!

Anyway... All the people were sitting, but I definately couldn't ! I didn't want to be too far from the stage so I stood near the entrance, on Eddy's side, with only a long table between me and the stage. Believe me when I say that at this time nobody was manifesting any emotion !!! God, we had to show the band that we were here ! Bellatrix came with her Tshirt and at the first occasion she brandished it high so Eddy then Jim could see it. I don't think I'm wrong saying that they were really happy to see us : very large smiles on their faces and they looked "in joy" ! The night before I'd met Eddy in Colmar and had told him I would be in Monaco, and Bellatrix had met him in Garda, so he recognised us. He turned at us several times during the show, and so did Jim... How can I describe this sensation of being "in a bubble" with them (it's a french expression, I don't know if it's the same in english...) WOW ! Jim came several times on our side, looking us in the eyes while he was singing, and it was so good to sing with him... Charlie and Andy noticed us too, and looked happy too... Finally, Bellatrix put on her Tshirt !!! Wow ! Step by step the magic took its course and people around showed more enthousiasm ! At last !!! "Let me see your hands" is a magic formula and the band's energy a magic powder !!! Those guys are incredible ! Some people stood up too, singing and dancing, hands high... GREAT ! and the space between the tables has been filled in...

There was no big Charlie solo and no high kicks, which was normal in such conditions... , but it rained down roses on Jim, people taking the little roses on the tables to throw them to him... (Jim might be good at football, kicking back at a rose without missing it (LOL!!!) At the end, the stage moved back, Eddy threw his towel to us but unfortunately we missed it !

But the story is not finished...
Bellatrix and I ran outside to find a way to meet the band; Bellatrix had her first backstage in Garda and wanted to say goodbye cause maybe it was her last gig (and for me too)... Finally, we could speak to somebody of the crew and ask him to tell Eddy that we were here... And Eddy came outside to invite us to come in ! He said that there was nothing special this night but no matter, we were happy to be here ! We had the opportunity to talk a few seconds with Eddy, Andy and with Mel as well. I asked them what they were thinking about this show : "strange..." has been answered unanimously ! They definately prefered Colmar !!! (Are you surprised ?) We also saw Jim a few seconds and Bellatrix had a second picture with him.

The big surprise was that Mel asked us if we would come to Belgium and/or to Spain and said "you must come", then "tell me your names and I'll put them on the guest list" .............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I thought that Monaco would be my last gig, but finally there will be two more !!!! Who says I am crazy ???? LOL
By : StephanieB
Garda 2002
Garda 2002
Garda 2002 - we were there!
GARDA 2002 Review : singing in the rain - sweet eyes
After London , Milano , Frauenfeld , Taormina , Imperia , Krk , here is Garda my 7th gig this year ! How can I describe the wonderful feeling I have in my heart now? A sweet happiness for having shared one more gig with the band and with all the friends met during this amazing tour ... in such a way it is really to live music! Well after having met the band in the streets of Taormina and having taken my first pic with Jim ( after 17 years!) one more step closer ... my first backstage! It has been so so so important to me to have been a real part in this tour! I could see Jim recognizing me from his glance while singing and Eddy with his shining eyes saw me again on the ( water ) front of the audience.The rain followed the tour once more and during the concert it has been falling ... Jim was singing '' I am singing in the rain '' ... amazing!

After a really warm performance, perfect in any way , with a band in wonderful form , Eddy made some of us go to the backstage. THANKS EDDY !!! I'll never forget your kindness ! For me the backstage is a special shared experience , where the band and people who really live the gigs can meet , and there is no band or audience, but Jim , Charlie , Eddy ,Andy and Mel and Paola / Bellatrix and all the other friends. I am sure that as the band give us so so much, they also have something from us ... as during the concert we become just one heart beating at the same rithm , the same feeling... I am at the end of my personal tour , just one more gig in Montecarlo where I hope to be able to say hallo to the band again , and to say goodbye until next year.. and to thank U for the wonderful summer I had . Bellatrix is shining as the star she took the name from ,I'll never end to say that when you live the feelings of your heart you shine as a star for a light coming from your deep inside...once more thanks for your sweet eyes, Eddy for having recognized me at any gig , Jim for having shared a glance from the stage and for having looked in my eyes while signing the ticket, not an impersonal way of looking, with your eyes lost in an infinite space , somewhere , but a shared shot of the same experience, just for one moment , as the photos I took during the tour. See U in Montecarlo , I'll be there.
Krk 2002 - CROATIA
Krk 2002
Imperia 2002
Imperia 2002
IMPERIA 2002 Review ...see the lights
well my 5th gig has gone ... Imperia ... a smaller stage but with wonderful lights , near the sea with wind and stars after the rain ... I was on the ( water ) front line , and I could see and feel the lights on the stage and in my soul .. once more , as ever and forever. After 5th gigs and all the mails and threads on this site and on the mailing list ... there is a special way to meet other fans at any concert ... a boy in Imperia told me : so YOU are the one that put on line the pic of Jim in trieste ' 98 that I am using as desktop , I met some girls there were also in Frauenfeld , Eliana I missed in Rome , a boy from Spain I met in Taormina .... nicks becoming real people , real life!

Once more EDDY was wonderful , so so so nice with us ! Thanks Eddy ! he went to the restricted area and come back with our tickets signed by the band ... he reminded our meeting in Taormina ( of course I remember after only two days! .....) , Charlie in a perfect Italian told us that the tour is over after Spain and if the previuos booked events in Taormina will allow they'd like to repeat the gig in that place every year.Before that... the new album! Mel and Eddy came to say hallo while we were waiting near the yellow bus ... I couldn't see Jim , but Eddy made him sign my pic with him in Taormina ... I gave a pic with all the URL of the photo albums... and it came back signed by Jim and with a '' thank U Bellatrix'' ... Jim I hope you'll see our pics!Paola Paola In two days I'll be in Krk , then Garda and Monaco...my steps in music go on and on... and my heart is beating with music ... thanks for this wonderful feeling !
Taormina 2002
Taormina 2002 - My first pic with Jim - signed in Imperia
TAORMINA 2002 Review - A place in the heart
... that's amazing how a place , a concert , a great band and fantastic friends sharing the same feelings can give you so so so so much ... I could never forget Taormina and the wonderful time spent over there ... thank you Taormina , Jim , Charlie , Mel , Andy , Eddy ... thank you to all of you MY WONDERFUL friends ... I cannot write all your names but all of you knows my feelings ... we were just one heart beating , we spent some days with our band ... not only seeing them up on the stage but sharing with them a wonderful city , going to the same places to have dinner ...like friends ....cannot belive !

WELL my NGD is here : a pic with Jim !!!! ... I really love all of you : Taormina , the band and first of all you, wonderful friends of mine sharing my same feeling for a great band ! The concert was really as a rainbow after a storm ... with a sky full of stars ... people living their own emotions can shine like stars and everyone of us was a star on a painted sky ... music and colours in the wonderful Teatro Antico... after such a long waiting , worried for the rain falling down ... at last we were there ... memories memories ... of a great gig and first of all the feeling of being a part of this floating world , meeting so many friends and meeting the band... Taormina will shine forever as a star in my heart ...LOVE
Frauenfeld 2002 - SWITZERLAND
Frauenfeld 2002
setlist , photo by Paola ( published in the official site )
Milano 2002
Milano 2002 - we were there !
London 2002
Jim - London 2002
Charlie - London 2002
by bellatrix* 2005