Diary 2004
one last goodbye
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A concert for the Prince's Trust - Wembley 11 november 2004 -
well... this is my ticket ...but I am not going since Simple Minds not confirmed their partecipation due to Jim's ear problems
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Tour 2004
Here is my personal view and reviews of the gigs I attended
Avenches 14 / 08 /2004 - SWITZERLAND
breathing music ...
just came back home from Avenches and I'd like to be able to write all the feelings I have inside before they can fade away...
OK let's begin ...
... train to Brescia at 5 am , then with Paola/ Pollon by car... picking up the two German ladies Sandra & Tina at Bergamo airport ... Switzerland here we come ...!
After checking in '' Hotel du cerfs'' that Anne-Marie booked for us... we go to have a look at the venue... amazing place in an ancient arena, something reminds to me the Teatro Greco inTaormina ...changing tickets,Sandra and me having press passes, pics aren't allowed at this time and only people with passes can take pics during the first 3 songs... ok , the mad photographer is going to take away her camera during the following part of the gig.. but never as today will be most important to catch images of life and good feelings in my heart... nothing can explain , but I am sure that who is going to read this review will be able to understand...
we can meet Andy, Charlie and Mel on the way to the venue.... but we prefer just to say'' hallo''...they already know how much we care...
the sound is just perfect and the weather is really good... everything seems to be perfect...after reaching the usual front row ,we can relax and have a look around while more and more friends are arriving there... Kerstin the warm ''red hair'' woman, the charming full of class Magali,Clare and Vesna , amazing Cara , the travelling family Madeline , Carine , Bernard , our sweet and'' hidden spicy'' Anne-Marie , Stephanie sparkling eyes , lovely Rebekka-''chupa''-Lollipop, the two black brothers , Manu-the-Rose , and more...
after 2 really good performances of Popa-Chubby and Corneille ,''our'' band is here...
the setlist - One Step Closer , Love Song , Spaceface , Hypnotised, See The Lights , New Sunshine Morning , Don't You , Big Sleep ,Ghostdancing/Gloria ,NGD,Waterfront ,Someone Somewhere In the Summertime ,A&K, Sanctify Yourself -
A warm atmosphere is all around , the band is really enjoying the event , Jim in a good strange mood ... since from the beginning interacting a lot with the audience , sending a kiss...
we wrote some banners for the night... '' Taormina'' in green, white , red letters for New Sunshine Morning... when Jim takes a look at it , says....'' domani vado'' ( I go there tomorrow ) ... with a smile ... then during Ghostadancing some personalized banners '' Jim U are cool - Jim sei figo , Charlie ragazzo molto furbo , Mel U are simply the best, Eddie sexy boy, Andy a big kiss to you''....and during A&K '' Simple Minds forever'' , '' we love U''... with anyone of us taking a paper with his / her name and nick... and this is catching a curious look from JIm...and at last during Sanctify a '' see U soon'' ... making Jim to say '' quando....?'' ( when? ) ...
sad feelings running inside....
'' Don't say Goodbye ... stay until your love is Alive and Kicking ... don't U even stop ... I am here with you ... U follow me and I follow you ... DON'T SAY GOODBYE'' ... ‘’
music is running inside for all the gig , U can breath music and U can feel the warm hug of all friends all around , and even of the other ones at home, but sharing the same feelings ... having a text from Mark-C-moon- mad dancer ... asking for news....or while U can see people calling someone else to make him listen to a song through the mobile phone ...
the audience shares a hug and can even feel the band wrapped in this warm enthusiastic feeling...
friendship through music... I forgot the banner with the claddagh that we took for all night long... '' Simple MInds , the community, friendship through music ''...
Jim don't say the last goodbye !!!... we are so happy but also a little bit sad.. a strange feeling running inside .... is this going to be the last time ?
'' and when U dream , dream in the dream with me''....'' what's is gonna take to make a dream survive? '' ... ‘’U make me Cry ‘’...
I have a cold sensation looking at Jim singing... is it going to be the last time? Keep the dream alive! Someone is crying when I say...’’ it is the last time... it is over ‘’ ... and I cry inside... and from that moment I try to breath music in a deeper way, if it is possible, I wanna catch any single moment , any note, any smile, any feeling... I cannot explain...I look around.. I see the lights in the eyes of my friends , music can make U shine like a star and I can see a lot of people shining...
we keep on smiling , crying, taking hands.... dancing ....sharing hugs .... looking for a sign it will not the last chance to live such emotions...
In Tienen someone , at the end of the gig , told me something really nice '' it was great to see U living in such a way the gig,to see your smile ...I was able to live the show from your eyes...''...and someone else once told me that through my pics she was able to live the gig like she was there...so Jim forgive me if sometime I took soooo many shots....
''I wanna leave something to see''... but you cannot take your feelings and put them in a box to make them survive... you cannot capture something so special, so deep , and so delicate.... U can just live it and share it and be happy to be there...
so after many and many pics , the best ones are in my heart ...
with the last notes of Sanctify .. the gig is over.... warm applauses, smiles....
Jim comes out again... to ask for more more more applauses joking and miming the fact that we can keep on until the stage cleaners are going to come....
it is like he wasn't able to say the last goodbye...
and then it isn't easy to leave the venue and to say bye bye .... we take some more pics, Clare tells me'' believe me , it is not the last time...'' Anne-Marie tells me...'' the dream isn't over....''....
I hope .. I hope , I hope...
Jim, maybe in your last journals, there were even some sad notes about something U lost in your private life to live this adventure with us.... but , besides the wonderful music , the wonderful live performances.. that U and the band were able to create.... take a look at the magic feeling U were able to create.... and how many magic links......'' all around the world'' U were able to start ... we shared an amazing travel ... and we became just one heart beating .... band and friends ... and this is magic...
thank U Jim , Charlie, Eddie, Andy,Mel... thank U .. to all the people.. able to see what I can see.....
I am sure that the dream isn't over... so I'll be there with you.... SEE U SOON.....
well.... at this time it is really hard to leave the venue.... keeping on looking at my friends.... to save any little expression in my heart...so with Paola, Sandra & Tina....we reach the car.... after taking a look at the backstage... Sandra& Tina can see Mel going away... and then we can say bye bye to Eddie and Charlie going away in a car...Eddie says....'' ciao Paola...'' and I tell them .. I hope to see U soon....
after meeting one more friend , Frank .... and after meeting Derek from the crew , that was joking so many times with us about the fact that we were there so early ...
the fireworks in the sky end the night ....
till next time....I love U all... Paola
Lokeren and Tienen 2004 - BELGIUM
Lokeren 01 / 08 / 2004
Fotograaf: Ryan Rombaut
from : http://www.lokersefeesten.be
Fotograaf: Ryan Rombaut
from : http://www.lokersefeesten.be
15 July 2004
JIM during an interview from '' Some Sweet Day 2004 ''

'' J: We play tomorrow in Norwich in East Anglia. Probably the last time we
played there was a university gig. It's a big gig - we need to be
blessed with some good weather. When we played Palermo, the heavens
opened during the soundcheck - it never rains in Sicily unless we play! ''

'' J:... We might not be the most forecoming but we appreciate
everyone who gets off on our music. And those who have the patience to
hang in there when we don't visit them, have patience, we're not going
to stop. Where there's a will there's a way.
And for those who travel to
see us everywhere - they're amazing. We've not worthy. The gigs wouldn't
be the same. ''
16 JULY 2004 Blickling Hall/Norwich - UK
My English adventure began at Stansted , where Donna&Mark picked me up to the hotel in Norwich and to the following travelling around in a typical English country...( even if in spite of typical English weather we had two nice gigs without rain and with a sweet wind)At the hotel a familiar fan arrived just before us... the mad dancer Mark C-Moon... it is always so involving to share the experience with the other friends and it is beginning to be a great part of our travelling around ( as I was able to notice with Anne-Marie ... somewhere ... )...the wonderful '' driver'' Mark had to go up and down twice to be able to take all of us at the pub...so I went inside the pub all alone and Shirl recognized me... in the meantime more familiar faces were arriving... Lawrie, Dil , Elaine, Soldier-Tom,Maaike , Pauline , Panther...at last also Donna& Mark and Mark C - Moon joined us...
Maaike and I , decided to have a walk to the venue following Elaine suggestions... but of course we took the wrong way...so we had to go back sharing a part of the way with Lawrie and Shaun ... then a long walk , very long walk..(never trust Maaike if she says '' it is just around the corner ''and never trust Maaike as navigator ;-) , even if it was a pleasure to share the walk with her...)..what's more I didn' realize how long it would have been ...making a wrong conversion from miles to kms... anyway we arrived at the gates and there were same people waiting , with their pic-nic stuff ( so strange to see the Simple Minds at a pic-nic!)and a lot of mosquitos since the stage was in front of a lake...after reaching the front position we could relax and keep on speaking with more and more friends...Pete , Carine&Bernard&Madeline , Magali , Anne-Marie and more and more...and as time was going to arrive... a special emotion was raising inside...( oh no , don't tell me that it is always the same gig!at any time the feelings are different and just so strong in the same way!) ... ok - here we go - the first notes of One Step Closer and another gig is going to begin ...
Andy said hallo ... since he recognized me ... a special thought for our ''professor'' , really a nice person!
Mel was in a box ... it was the first time I saw the drums inside of it...!
The atmosphere was getting more and more powerful and hot ... and in spite of some drunk fans pushing too much the poor front line ( OMG , how much can English people drink??? ) ...anyway we survived ( as the best heroes , never missing the position) and enjoyed the gig ! Jim had a good feeling and , expecially during Gloria and the following songs ,was very fascinating in his sensual dancing being involved by many nice girls of the front line!
Just the time for the last goodbye and a see-u-tommorow ...and we went back at the hotel ...
17 JULY 2004 Stoke Park 'Guilfest' -UK
well a new '' sunshine morning '' began ( well maybe with some English clouds... ) and Donna & Mark and Bellatrix went to the venue of the Guilfest... show began very early ( at noon) and a lot of people were already there ... as the best hard die fan I reached the front positon together with Sandra&Tina from Germany...just about 9 hours to wait ... anyway we could listen to some other artists and enjoy the festival...and meeting some other friends that arrived ... Pauline , CJ ( that said hallo to me in a really warm way!),Kim and more and more people...I wasn't able to see Carine & family and Anne-Marie & Magali since they were on the other side...
once more the first notes of One Step Closer for one more gig to share and feel...a too short but good set-list , really good lights , good sound and an energetic audience , dancing & singing ... at this time they didn't pushed so much and my body said- thanks a lot! ( even if today any little suffering part of it is looking for a revenge against this mad travelling woman!)... the band seemed to be less involved that the day before but the performance was good as usual...
I shared the gig with Sandra & Tina, with the sparkling Pauline and even a fan from Guiana was near us...the last notes of Sanctify Yourself and the show is over... a bye-bye to the friends and together with Donna & Mark I reached our hotel...waiting for the taxi I received some texts( from Sandra&Tina that met the nice and kind Andy , and from ,Pollon , Lele , Mark , Rosy they weren't there ... )...
then the day after I had my flight from Stansted to Trieste ... bye bye Donna&Mark , thanks a lot for your kindness I wouldn't been able to be at UK gigs without U . See U soon , Paola.
13/07/2004 -Palermo - SICILY
beware sword-fishes!
Travelling again from Venice to Palermo… I arrived a little before Pollon and I waited for her at the airport… just the time to manage a strange situation: Francesco from Rome had the ticket for the gig but lost the flight because of an accident on the way to the airport, Giuseppe from Catania would have been able to come but had no ticket… so Giuseppe was able to come…tks to Francesco and I was glad to arrange the whole stuff from the airport … and even to eat a wonderful ‘’ cannolo siciliano’’
After 30 mins by bus we reached our hotel and met Rosy … then were following some hours of rain, walking up and down the road to the teather , listening to sound checks , eating something… meeting and losing Rosy… having the chance to go backstage when the band arrive. Paola & Paola were able to speak with him ... when he realized that the mad photographer had no intention to make any scoop… as usual…he was in smart form with a black shirt and tanned skin ( was it Spanish sun or Taormina sun? ) … than we had to go out from the venue and the soundchecks began … after a stop because of rain ( the stage was open air) also Jim joined the band for the checks… later on at the venue there were Carine , Madeline , Bernard , Giuseppe, 2 UK guys … we got in all together...
The venue was really fashinating , in a wonderful garden … with an unusual thing for a gig.. a fountain just in front of the stage…
Of course when the music began the water jets were stopped .We were in numbered seated places and at first people didn’t move from their seats… but the power of music was like a mermaid’s enchanting energy and the people began to stand up and dance! During the encore the space in front of the fountains was full of dancing people… and the show raised . involving everybody…Jim dedicated New Sunshine morning to his friends from Taormina ( questa per gli amici di Taormina , nostra canzone ) .. during Ghostdancing he introduced the band and said something about football ( ma è vero … Palermo va in serie A , MINCHIA!!! Non è vero? Complimenti !!!... e Messina… fantastico due squadre Sicilia va in serie A )...then about the venue he said ‘’ molto molto bel posto , complimenti … ma questo? ( about the fountain) per pesce spada?.. and again about football… ‘’ bene Palermo , buona fortuna per la nuova stagione ‘’
He spoke in Italian ( like he did and asked to do with us before the sound checks.. U are improving Jim! ) … and said that Palermo and Messina , 2 football teams from Sicily now are in ‘’ Serie A’’… but what was funny … it was the comment about the fountain … good for sword fishes?...
The show was a little bit too short and Big Sleep was performed … after saying bye but to the travelling family from Belgium ( see U soon ! ) we met Eddie that was so nice to join the joke of the phone call to Mark-C-Moon that was RRRRReally surprised when he could speak with Eddie that told him ‘’ HI mad dancer!’’Then we went backstage and we met Eddie ( again) , Charlie, Andy and Jim … that was really nice to take some shots with all the people … Andy went away before the others and kissed me bye bye … I was surprised that he reminded my name, but I realized that I asked him to change the words of Real life, during winter tour ( what about Paola came from Italy with long black hair? ….not so bad! )… anyway I hope to listen to this song during next gigs!Even with original words ! ;-) ,, I had the chance to say bye bye to the great Derek from the stuff and to say Eddie: ‘’ see u in Norwich’’… well cannot understand why he said ‘’ good luck’’ about that…
Was he thinking about English weather? About Donna’s mad driving? We’ll see it on friday !
It was nice to receive some text messages from Sandra-ultra-violet , Donna , Lele and Mark … there is a link among the people sharing this experience and it is a part of the fun ! Pollon , Rosy and bellatrix spent the end of the night speaking … then it was time to go to sleep… thanks everybody for the sweet night!
The day after it was time to go back home … tired but happy …just the time to eat a ‘’cassata siciliana’’ ... bye bye Sicily …
Palermo 2004 - well ... one more pic with Jim ... Sicily is a good place for that ... my first pic with him was taken in Taormina ...
+++ SARROCH 29 / 06 / 2004 REVIEW +++
White Hot Day in Sardegna , treasure island.
Sometimes last minute decisions are the best ones...like the one to go to Sarroch...in one word a HOT day... from any point of view...thanks to a free Alitalia flight ...and a little help from some friends :Alex-Drastico( Gio' ) travelling with me from Rome , his friends that helped us to reach the venue and that hosted us, the really nice fans from Sardegna...thanks to a enjoying band it was an unforgottable hot day !
At first we din't believe in such a gig...after arriving at the venue with 36 (and even more )Celsius degrees...we had a little delusion because of the venue, a football ground lost in a small town where we shared the first minutes at the gates with two dogs sleeping on the ground... so we decided that it was too early and we reached a bar ... there we met two fans from Mantova( Italy) with well known SM t-shirts, they were not going to attend the gig and they came just to take a look... strange things can happen since the boy recognizeed me from Montecarlo 2002 gig...then we went again to the gates and we were able to know some wonderful fans from Sardegna...and surprise surprise : the sound checks , without Jim but with the band really full of power! We couldn't get in but even from the gates the sound was perfect!Some changes in the future set lists can be waited: Real Life, Premonition,Sweat in Bullet, SFY .... Then at last the rush to the front row... the band was a little bit late but after the long waiting a HOt gig with a band in the best mood...Jim , Charlie, Eddie , Andy and Mel recognized me...Jim winking , Mel with a wonderful smile, a shy Andy sending greetings from keyboards, Eddie showing his tongue, Charlie saying bye-bye .
At the beginning after coming to the stage Jim said : Come sta Italie, tutto a posto?Siamo qua, ogni tanto...si comincia andiamo...
During Great Leap Forwards ,Jim came to dance on the audio boxes that were in front of us... shaking hands( Alex this was your chance!)...
Jim danced with fascinating power and joy ...the lights were better than other gigs and even the set list had some surprises... See the Lights, Let There Be LOve , Theme for Great Cities...and it was during See the Lights that Jim had to speak about football:Come calcio Cagliari? Serie A? Che fortuna!A stormy Ghostdancing with Gloria ( Jim: Gloria, una ragazza, e' un diavoletto, sicuro!)...the audience was involved by the power of music and the band felt the positive feeling for sure!A gossip: during the first set of songs Jim was wearing an Armani Jeans light blue-with blues stripes shirt... Italian fashion!
As usual the mad photographer took a lot of shots !The nsxt day a nice surprise : in the flight Cagliari -Roma ,while I was seated a saw a black dressed Charlie coming in the airplane! He was nice as usual and we were able to speak a little bit in Italian: I said that the gig was wonderful , and that I was going to Palermo...he said that it was so hot in Sardegna, he asked news about the venue in Palermo and I was able to inform him with some things that Rosy told me ;-)...in Switzerland he was a little bit worried about this new venue...he added that he was really tired and that he was going to London and then to Brittany... then at the end of the flight he asked me about my flight back to Trieste...see U soon Charlie!Strange things can happen in a hot day somewhere in the summertime!

Paola / Bellatrix.

( only instrumental with Andy, Charlie , Eddie, Mel, without Jim )

Theme for Great Cities
Sweat in Bullet( twice)
Street Fighting Years
Premonition( twice)
Real LIfe
Speed Your Love to Me
Great Leap Forwards
One Step Closer

SET LIST SARROCH GIG 29 / 06 / 2004

One Step Closer
Love Song
See the Lights
New Sunshine Morning
Don't You
Belfast Child
Great Leap Forwards / Wall of Love
Ghostdancing / Gloria
Let There Be Love
She's a River
Theme for Great Cities
Someone Somewhere in the Summertime
A & K
Sanctify Yourself
111 minutes of a hot gig ;-)
30 June 2004
(ANSA) - CAGLIARI, 30 GIU -Prima tappa in Sardegna del tour italiano dei Simple Minds, 25 milioni di dischi venduti in tutto il mondo in 25 anni di carriera. A Sarroch, a 20 km da Cagliari, 4.000 fan li hanno aspettati in delirio. Due ore di grande musica, con la band scozzese che non si e' risparmiata, dimostrando di essere ancora in grande forma. Da 'New Gold Dream' a 'Alive and Kicking', passando per la stracantata e straballata 'Don't you', i Simple Minds hanno dato fondo a tutte le loro energie.
11 / 06 / 2004 - NYON - SWITZERLAND
a fullbloom band ***
- Through the Alps, Under the rainbow...-
Paola came from Italy for one more gig...
well the travel began with a long trip by train from N-E Italy to Nyon, sharing a part of it with Daniela ( Simply- Dany). A little worry about the weather, since I had a memory of last year gig in Gampel (when the rain.. was falling down down down...) and since as soon as we crossed the border the rain began to fall down and dark clouds were running in the sky ...but later on the weather changed ... after the rain the sun and a soft breeze ... and a good weather and a sweet night to support the open air gig...
After about 10 hours by train we met Anne-Marie ( our wonderful'' organizing boss'' from Switzerland ... that bought tkts, found accomodations at hotels and drove up and down to pick some spicy ladies up ..here and there )...
so we are : Anne-Marie, Carine , Magali , Paola and Daniela...and at the station I can meet the crazy Michael.Then the venue.. a nice place near the lake. After finding some really kind people from Caribana press office , Anne and Didi, I can have my '' artist area pass'', and have a look at the '' rooms'' of Simple Minds and having a different view from the backstage and stage to the audience, so stange feeling to be on the other side.
The hard die fans are on the front and also Maaike and cousin , Cherry-Lollipop , Manu, Koen and Frank are still at the venue. After the two shows of Red and Paul Personne ( playing a really good rithm and blues ) the waiting is raising our feelings... as any other thing of life,waiting for something can create more and more desire and good feelings ... until the first notes begin going to the heart..her we go ! The band is coming on the stage and a good set list is going to be perfomed (I could take a look to the set list before they began , since the stage wasn't so high...):


The band is in a good mood , Jim dancing in a sensual full of energy way, like the cat he is... and , maybe waiting for Spain gigs , also improving his '' flamenco steps''.Mel makes his drums going on fire , Charlie reaches the deep inside with the always wonderful guitar , expecially during Hypnotised.Andy is in a smart form with red shirt and Eddie ... our sparkling eyes , one step dancing sexy boy ...
Jim recognizes the '' familiar faces'' and has a sign , a wink for anyone ... I can touch his hand , since the stage is not so far from the audience , Manu gives him the red rose.
Just a little note about sound and lights , sometimes Jim's voice cannot be heard so fine , and the lights are too dark ... anyway we dance , we sing , we enjoy the gig , and the band seems to share this good feeling with us.
After the gig I run backstage and I can meet the band. I can speak with Charlie and Andy( uhm are U really so shy?), take a pic with Eddie and Mel... just the time to say '' ciao'' to Jim that seems far away in his planet, and seems to be in a hurry ... so I prefer not to speak with him... so i still have to take my 2004 pic with him , but more chances are coming.
Well, tired but happy we go to the hotel ... and the morning after , one more long trip by train... now I am on the other side of the Alps again...
sometimes I ask myself why I do such things , but when I am at the gig , no doubt about the reason , pure feelings and a special way to share them... and the white , green flowered shirt of Jim with written on the back : ''fullbloom'' , is a great way to describe a band gaining a perfect tuning gig by gig and a good auspice for the new album but also a way to say that music must be performed LIVE to live and give such wonderful feelings and Simple Minds are a band for the stage , as usual and forever and ever...thanks Jim , Charlie, Mel, Andy and Eddie...
I'll be there ... again! see U soon .
Paola / Bellatrix
front line waiting by Anne-Marie
Caribana Festival - the audience
Nyon 11 / 06 / 2004
I was there
Photo © propriété de Caribana et de leurs photographes respectifs
HELLENDOORN 22 / 05 / 2004 - HOLLAND
Hell and paradise
''Hellendorn ... the place where Hell and Paradise became just one thing''
Burning flames and cold weather , a great mix like any thing of life . Feelings
running inside , in your deep inside... U cannot explain why U travel ,
U wait for hours and hours to be on the front line , in spite of the cold
weather , in spite of everything , U have to be there...
but when the band begin to play U can feel only music running inside and
U feel good , in the place where U want to be...
but let's begin from the travel from Italy to Amsterdam , my first visit
to Holland!I was with Pollon / Paola and Daniele / Lele71...
On the way to Hellendoorn I was amazed by the nice view of green grass and
nice houses ... and I've never seen so many cows in my life!
Hellendoorn is a nice village where time seems to have stopped in a happy
time.The hotel is in the middle of the forest ... a warm atmosphere in
spite of cold weather... I came from Italy and from sunny beaches!
The car of Sandra and Tina is in front of the hotel, with the nice banner
on the back... pics pics pics... everywhere! And then the meeting with
the first friends that are there... Regina , Aggie, Elaine, Maaike ...
sparkling ladies !
After dinner Lele went for a walk in the forest and so he could hear the
band playing at the checks... run run run .. where are them? After going
round and round the venue, we found a hole under a gate and we went inside
( SHHHHH don't tell anyone else... people around me are already thinking
I am mad!!!) .. run run run... and here we are... Jim recognizes us saying...
VA BENE? Yes Jim ...everything is ok ! The other ladies are there, and I
am able to know Bart a fan from Holland I was mailing to for years! Thanks
for your sunny smile , Bart!We are so so so so happy and we can shine like
stars in the cold night...
I arrived just in time to listen to NGD , and to Glitterball... I lost
War Babies... a song I was waiting to listen to live, from 98 a memorable
gig in Trieste when everything began... not my love for SM , of course ...
but after that gig I began to look for other people able to see what I can
see.. and here we are! Jim says hallo after the checks ...and we go back
to the hotel.. happy for this extra gig... !
The day after fans from all over Europe are arriving at the hotel... what
a meeting! Nice to see known people and people I never met...Regina, Sandra,
Tina,Doris, Patrick,Maaike,Aggie, Elaine,Donna,Anne-Marie,Magali,JP & Goretti,Joelle
& Eric,Cara,
Bert,Robo, Andrew, Bart, Carine, Hardat, Griet and Mathias,Lele & Pollon...
thanks for sharing this event!
The GIG ! great music , Jim the usual cat on the stage... I was really happy
to listen to War Babies and Great Leap Forward... I launched on the stage
a big red good- luck horn to Jim... just to wish a good beginning of the
tour ;-)...
As usual I took pics... I love it ... and sometimes I'd like to be able
to fix the great moment... but the best images are in our hearts... great
memories of a gig ,of the band, and of the wonderful friends that shared
this experience with me... and this is only the beginning!!!! I'll be there!!!
Paola / Bellatrix
Hellendoorn - WE WERE THERE

Tuesday 01 June 2004 : Searching for Plan B

'' ... And on that note, thanks to the familiar faces who travelled to see us in Holland last week. You are so generous with your enthusiasm and we always appreciate you for being so...''
Hellendoorn audience by Britta
Hellendoorn waiting to run on the front line - by official photographer
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