Thirty Frames a Second


'' this is our place , this is the space my heart wants to be ''

'' Today I dreamed another dream , predestined to come and save me ... ''

'' Seeing out the angel
Singing fascination ''

“... those fans that kept faith in us and kept our name alive by supporting us in whatever way they could.
Talking about us whenever, and even if there were not so many interested in hearing what they had to say about their band – Simple Minds.
They kept their belief that we could produce the sort of comeback that genuinely seems underway.
I especially need to give credit in those years to those who went way further by putting their precious time and energy into creating websites and on line communities based on an appreciation of our music.
That gave us the oxygen necessary and the strength to know that others cared apart from us.
That caring was crucial. ”
Jim Kerr , Diary , Monday 04th of May 2009


LostBoy! A.K.A. - Shadowland [Album Mix]



The Simple Minds “Gold Edition” USB tour stick.

With 8GB of storage space, the “Gold Edition” USB stick contains each of Simple Minds’ UK and Irish concerts in their entirety, plus addition tracks recorded during soundchecks, and exclusive backstage video footage of the band at their recent concert in Basel, Switzerland.



The Concert Online team has taken its mobile audio recording unit and joined Simple Minds' "Graffiti Soul Tour 2009" to record every single evening concert live. The resulting live recordings are split into individual tracks on-site, labeled, and converted to high-quality MP3s (320 kBit/s).




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A collection of live images dedicated to Simple Minds , to Jim singing fascination , to everyone who can see what I can see ,  to the travelling tribe .
Friendship through music .
'' thank U for the voice , the eyes and the memories shine , thank U for the pictures of living ... some day we'll be together for a very long time , some say that our first impression never will die ''
'' When U meet something important , U don't know it but U recognize it as a part of your heart and soul .
  ''Today I dreamed another dream, predestined to come and save me , Today I dreamed another dream that you would come to take me home, From underneath the ice ''
'' see the lights ''
When U live and share your emotions U can shine like a star because of a light coming from your deep inside ,  that's why this wonderful music will be a part of a magic dream forever , and that's why I travel , to find a place where everything is possible .
'' God gave me travelling shoes, and without them I would surely die ''
'' and I don't know why but I will be there ''
'' Look and you’ll find, we are moving through space and time ''
'' Some thieves can rob back their time ''
As love cannot be closed in a box to make it live forever , so any emotion has to be free to fly and to be transformed day by day ,
but images , sometimes , can capture a special feeling and make it survive .