Diary 2010

Diary 2010



RUSSIA: Spent most of yesterday afternoon doing phone interviews with various media but particular Russian. Well informed and enthusiastic throughout, I do intend to take Lostboy! AKA to Russia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, as well the more expected countries when I pick up the tour once again in the latter part of the year.

Look out for more LOSTBOY! AKA German dates in October!
Most probably it will be around 50 dates and will kick off somewhere around the start of October.

JK June 2010


HEARTWARMING IS THE WORD: I find it heartwarming that only after a week of dates the agent/promoters are enthusiastic about a much more extensive tour for LOSTBOY! AKA. There was never a guarantee that this would be the case - but it is the case - and it is all down to the support from all of you. Thanks!

LOSTBOY! AKA TOUR - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER: Look out soon for news of a six week tour of UK/IRELAND and many European cities.

LOVING IT: I am loving these tiny club gigs for various reasons. Feels so fresh to be playing a set of almost entirely new songs - never realised how much pleasure. More than this, it is because we are playing directly to the fans- less than a metre away in most venues. Exactly right thing to be doing as Lostboy! takes... infant steps into what I hope will be a story worth development and years of hard work!

LOSTBOY! AKA LIVE RECORDING: Re those who have been asking about availability of live stuff, the plan is to record both sound and visuals from the Bruxelles show. The intention is to make this and other LOSTBOY! items available as part of a "box set" type thing, most probably released in October.

JK May 2010

MINDS SCHEDULE: Record companies etc wont take a Minds album every couple of years - want it to be an event and that involves creating a gap. Promoters the same, simply wont have us turn up at arenas year on year, need to create a demand. Minds released three albums in 7 years last decade - 4 albums counting OSATS. To...ured extensively through it all also. I think we did well servicing our fans!

These up coming summer dates however will mark the true close on that period, as with the exception of the odd appearance, it is more likely that SM will not tour extensively again until the release of our next album, and that is not due for release until the end of ’12 at the earliest...

JK May 2010

PARIS: Perhaps of all the shows Paris was the one that really reminded me those first days with Simple Minds. I loved the DIVAN venue and I thank those who encouraged me to change from FLECHE D'OR because DIVAN was perfect. The audience really seemed to feel the same kind of potential that I do within LOSTBOY! AKA. Thanks for this special night!

LOSTBOY! UK: Thanks to everyone who gave me such a great beginning during these UK dates. Look out for much more UK shows hopefully around late September/October.

JK May 2010


Lostboy in Paris , Le Divan du Monde , 28 / 05 / 2010

I was there !

I was there ! Divan du Monde 28 / 05 / 2010

Thanks to Marc Neirinck fot the photo

Lostboy London Borderline 23/05/2010

I was there !

I was there !

London Borderline 23 / 05 / 2010

Thanks to Joanna Parker for the photo

Red e Lostboy! a.k.a. Jim Kerr SIMPLE MINDS

Simple Minds a Spilimbergo ! 03 Agosto 2010

Wednesday 28th July 2010
La Venaria , Torino, IT


Annunciata l'unica data italiana dei Simple Minds per l'estate 2010! Appuntamento il 28 luglio alla Reggia di Venaria Reale (To)! Biglietti in vendita dal 13 maggio!Su Ticketone e Live Nation

On stage with LOSTBOY! AKA will be JEZ COAD - lead guitar, ANDY GILLESPIE - keyboards, GED GRIMES - bass guitar, GORDON WILSON - drums.Many will know JEZ from his production on the last two SM albums as well as producer of the debut LOSTBOY record. Andy has played with SM over the last decade. GED plays with Deacon Blu...e, Gordon played with Love and Money. They are a helluva unit!

JK - 11 May 2010

05 / 05 / 2010 ore 21.00 - Jim a Radio Capital

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  • Don't you forget about me - Simple Minds
  • Glittering Prize - Simple Minds
  • Shadow Land - Lost Boy A.K.A. Jim Kerr
  • Refugee - Lost Boy A.K.A. Jim Kerr
  • She fell in love with silence - Lost Boy A.K.A. Jim Kerr
  • Return of the king - Lost Boy A.K.A. Jim Kerr
  • Bulletproof heart - Lost Boy A.K.A. Jim Kerr
  • Alive & Kicking - Simple Minds
  • Waterfront - Simple Minds


    05 maggio, 2010 - Jim a Sky TG24

    Jim a R101



    Jim a Virgin Radio

    03 / 05 / 2010 - Jim Kerr a Radio KissKiss


    lost site


    live lostboy

    New site coming! Imminent! Any min/hour/day now. Hope you like it and find it useful. Thanks to all who have contacted here since the start of the year!

    ITALY: Of course Lostboy! AKA won't forget the Italians, I will get there at some point in summer. Problem is that there is only a short gap between the album release and the beginning of summer shows with SM. In this tight gap I am doing as many gigs as poss. Forget Italy? Impossible

    11 / 04 / 2010

    More UK/IRISH gigs are set to take place around end of June/July...details to come.

    10 / 04 / 2010

    PARIS MAY 28TH DATE FOR LOSTBOY! AKA now looks set to be at DIVAN DU MONDE. Confirmation and details of tix sales forthcoming.

    09 / 04 / 2010



    LOSTBOY! AKA LIVE: All dates have now been announced for the May showcase tour. With 9 shows in 11 days it will be a frantic experience. No more shows dates will be announced in the short term, however more dates are almost certain to take place this summer as I try to juggle with the Simple Minds schedule.

    LOSTBOY! AKA LIVE. Further dates announced: LUXEMBOURG @ DEN ATELIER 27TH MAY.PARIS @ LA FLECHE D'OR 28TH of MAY. More details of when tix go on sale etc will be forthcoming next week.

    21 / 03 / 2010

    LOSTBOY! AKA LIVE: The showcase tour dates continue with BRUXELLES @ THE ORANGERIE 30th MAY. AMSTERDAM @ THE MILKYWAY 31st of MAY. More details of when tix go on sale etc will be forthcoming next week.

    1,000 LOSTBOY! AKA FANS ON FACEBOOK: A glance to the box on the left of this screen tells me that any min/hour/day LOSTBOY! will have a special number joining the community here. Prior to that I should say that all who have joined me on FB have played a crucial part in helping me grow this story so rapidly to date. In ...particular it's those who support you from the early days that you should never forget. I wont!

    20 / 03 / 2010

    With word that the London Borderline gig has sold so fast, ( ndr : on SALE  18TH MARCH ) I want to thank everyone who is making the effort to support Lostboy! AKA during this first showcase tour. I am especially aware of those who are traveling from far and wide to be with me on these nights. I can't thank you all enough!

    19 / 03 / 2010

    LOSTBOY AKA! LIVE GERMANY: about to confirm Hamburg 25th and Koln 26th May. Full details to come as well as confirmation of PARIS/BRUX/AMSTERDAM

    18 / 03 / 2010


    LostBoy! A.K.A. - Shadowlands [Album Mix]


    You can now listen to REFUGEE from the LOSTBOY! AKA JIM KERR debut album scheduled for release May 16th


    WHY SO FEW SHOWS? Week following album release I do 8 shows in 10 days.These are "showcase gigs" to let the fans, promoters, media, etc judge the potential of Lostboy! June thru all August touring SM + recording follow up LBAKA. Depending reaction to the 1st record/showcases - from September onwards I hope to tour much... more extensively. LB2 released next March with plenty of shows everywhere is the plan.

    JK 14 / 03 / 2010

    Shows in Amsterdam, Brux, Paris,Hamburg, Koln, Milan, all look set for the last week of May details will be announced next week.

    JK 12 / 03 / 2010

    AKA live : More dates will be announced next week including precise info of when tix for London 23 of May will go on sale!

    Re Merchandising on line. T shirts etc for LOSTBOY! AKA will be available in the next two weeks.

    Great to know that people are starting to pre order the album already. However, I recommend that you may want to wait a couple of weeks yet before doing so seeing as more info will be released shortly re the contents of the various formats. There could be as many as four or five!

    JK 11 / 03 / 2010


    LOSTBOY! AKA LIVE: London show is definitely confirmed for 23rd May at the Borderline. For all details re ticket sales please contact the venue.

    JK 09 / 03 / 2010

    AKA LIVE: Bruxelles Rotonde? Tell me about this venue someone? Paris La Fleche D'or? Tell me again please! Berlin Franzz Club! Who knows it. Melkweg Amsterdam I know! Hamburg Knust! I know it! I am waiting/hoping on Milan!

    JK 08 / 03 / 2010

    lostboy aka jim kerr

    LOSTBOY!AKA LIVE.The first three shows about to be confirmed are Aberdeen The Warehouse 21st May, Glasgow King Tuts 22nd May, London Borderline 23rd May. More to come!

    MORE LIVE INFO: Three gigs announced are likely to be the only UK gigs for the time being. A short European tour consisting of 6 dates only will be confirmed, taking place through last week of May. Lostboy! AKA will tour extensively from September and will include more dates in UK/Europe and overseas.

    JK 04 / 03 / 2010


    LOSTBOY!AKA ALBUM FORMATS: The debut album to be released may 16th will be available in three different formats including a deluxe version. For more comprehensive details including full tracklisting check back at the beginning of April.



    Unconfirmed still - but the tour now looks set to kick off in Scotland around 21st of May. Glasgow still (probably) set to be the first, but I can hardly believe that we will go on stage in my hometown without "a little warm up" -somewhere up North perhaps on the night before would suit me just fine.

    Tickets for the tour : The aim is to be able to offer  tickets as first priority to those who have registered with either Lostboy! AKA or Simple Minds official sites. Certainly I am going to try and see to it that our real supporters get first chance. Nobody has to panic. Except me maybe:-)



    I spent time talking to the musicians that I hope to engage in helping me bring the Lostboy! AKA songs live. Andy Gillespie is very keen to play a part and I would like it very much if that worked out. Despite some previous thoughts I realise that I do need to work with someone who already knows "my idiosyncratic langu...age" and can then translate that to a group that I am until now unfamiliar with .

    The comprehensive LOSTBOY! AKA official is site expected to go live end of March. Expect streaming of performances and interviews as well as plenty of details re Lostboy's immediate and future plans. The site will coincide with the start of an international media campaign leading up to the May debut album launch.

    End of May small tour more like a promo tour. Thru summer I am with SM and simultaneously recording LB!2. Returning to LB! for much more extensive touring from September going through UK/Europe and overseas hopefully. LB2! would be released next spring with a heavy six month touring sched...ule until September'11 when its time to record the next album from SM. Hope that clarifies the plan!



    jim kerr ancona

     ... venues for Lostboy! Glasgow apart the agent is 'thinking' about venues in MANCHESTER,BIRM,LONDON,PARIS,BRUX,AMSTER,HBURG,MILAN. Capacities to be around 500. Which venues in those cities does anyone recommend -out of interest! This tour is only for launch with much more extensive touring in autumn!

    LOSTBOYAKA!Following the release of the album I am expecting to do circa 10 live dates UK/Europe from around May 21st and onwards. The shows will be small capacity clubs for the most. Local radio stations looking to record or broadcast live. Overseas dates looking set to happen from September onwards.

    LIVE LINE UP? As yet I have not got this sorted, although giving it much consideration. Now that the recording is pretty much finished except bonus tracks etc, I can give it my full attention. I can't involve the SM guys because I do need to keep things separate to avoid confusion. Looking to working with some young bu...cks that I have tracked down. But all very much still up in the air!


    Simple Minds will be playing

    The Melbourne Grand Prix on March 27th and March 28th .

    It is confirmed also by Mel on facebook .



     With many live offers currently being considered for this summer, fans of Simple Minds can expect the announcement of confirmed concert dates over the next weeks


    On second thoughts. Whenever Lostboy! AKA makes the live debut it will be in a small room in Glasgow. I may no longer know exactly where I live, but I know where I am from - and from where I get whatever strength's that I have. The city of Glasgow plays a big part in that and for that reason among others it will be Gla...sgow that gets the first chance to see and hear what Lostboy! is up to.

    LOSTBOY looking set to debut in Japan. Festival situation being discussed as are other festival appearances. It is conceivable that this summer I could find myself on stage one night with SM and then the following night on stage with Lostboy! AKA. I have no problem with that at all!

    LAST OF THE INDEPENDENTS! Probably not, in any case this is the first time since I began professionally that I am working as an independent artist. Meaning that all costs of the recording and marketing of the project to date are self financed. A licensed deal is now in place with one of the world's biggest independent ...music labels who will take on the challenge of sales and promotion worldwide. Details to come.

    As far as planned LOSTBOY! will be an 11 track album, except in Japan where it will have a bonus track. All originals except one, a re write of an original by Fingerprintz. Additionally, a cover of an early Pink Floyd song is to be recorded next week and will be available only with LOSTBOY AKA purchased from iTunes

    Debut Lostboy! AKA live gigs looking set to take place in May and coincide with the album release. Initially I expect to do no more than a handful. After that? Well that depends on many things!

    Aiming to produce bi-monthly LOSTBOY! AKA podcasts available as downloads from the site. The first looks set to be ready by the end of January and lasting at around 10 mins, each one will focus on a different aspect in relation to the making and release of the debut album from LOSTBOY!


    jim kerr best vocalist

     06.01.2010  - And Scotland’s Greatest Ever Vocalist is… JIM KERR

    lostboy Sunday 03rd of January 2010


    Something very interesting to run in parallel to the 2010 activities of Simple Minds... Jim says:
    "Somehow I had tuned into the boy that I used to be, the passionate kid that I had left behind, and mysterious as that all was, there was no denying how thrilled I was to be reconnecting with the energetic outlook and liberating values at the core of that distantly familiar character. Rapidly I then began considering what kind of songs could be created if I could immerse myself "now" in engaging fully with that young ghost. LOSTBOY AKA! is the result of that curiosity, and I am exhilarated by it. No mere dance with the past - thanks to the vision of co - writer and producer Jez Coad - much of these songs feel to me that they could be signals from tomorrow. It’s only a first step, but I can easily imagine taking this new relationship much further in parallel with the continuing great story of Simple Minds."


    January 1st 2010 ...  the first day of the new decade. Symbolically that would be an appropriate birth date for Lostboy!
    Lostboy! is an album of almost completely original songs. There is a cover but the lyrics to that are for the most part re written. If it goes to playing live then a couple of covers would most certainly be included.
    No dance with the past - these LOSTBOY! songs feel to me that they could be signals from tomorrow. It’s only a first step, but I can easily imagine taking this new relationship much further in parallel with the continuing story of Simple Minds.